DC KING csgo-gambler2:45:34amyeah, but you have spend?
DC KING csgo-gambler2:45:41amHow much? :)
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:46:43amnooice sheep
DC KING csgo-gambler2:46:57amLamaluck
Sir.Sheep2:47:19amim really happy rn
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:47:39amGZ BUDDY
DC KING csgo-gambler2:50:11amLol we saw you 50 time and saw me 2 time
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:50:19amLOL
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:50:25amya
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:50:53amsomeone should go in big im feeling lucky
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:54:17am
DC KING csgo-gambler2:55:15amyeah, i know you have put 16 item in to can snipe after
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:55:49amwith what
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:56:09amak and m4 are trade hold
DeadPanda csgo-gambler2:57:54ami always leave room so i can start it on my own
|Sprif^^912* csgo-gambler10:54:17amadmin ???
Fischi#991:04:04pmgg goat



RainDrop csgo-gambler6:22:40pmhey
Rafibomb csgo-gambler9:14:02pmwhen you snipe cases without the website in your name lmaooooo
梁子孝 | cs.money csgo-gambler9:15:23pmikr
Rafibomb csgo-gambler9:15:41pmnice win **** that kid
梁子孝 | cs.money csgo-gambler9:16:21pmjust want to snipe that kid because i wanted that awp
梁子孝 | cs.money csgo-gambler9:16:27pmxd
梁子孝 | cs.money csgo-gambler9:19:42pmgj XD
♚ Reaper ♚ 「NebulaRP」 #Launched10:08:01pmhello
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