csgo-gambler daddy chum chum9:32:56amgo in again
csgo-gambler daddy chum chum9:34:11ami have an ak47 cartel ill put in
Rafibomb csgo-gambler9:36:23amits stuck
Rafibomb csgo-gambler9:36:46amgo in and ill try to match
SaRnA 2 ;) CSGO-GAMBLER2:15:37pm
SaRnA 2 ;) CSGO-GAMBLER2:15:42pm****
MateJong01 gamdom4:26:33pmpls give me
csgo-gambler daddy chum chum7:20:22pmthis site is so ****ing buggy it hasnt put e in the last 3 pots and their was 30 seconds left
csgo-gambler daddy chum chum7:20:37pmit says it was acceptf but it actually isnt
csgo-gambler daddy chum chum7:27:39pmwtf it says trade acepted and my items wont ppear watch
csgo-gambler daddy chum chum7:34:22pmdang i hate when it starts the counter with 1 person
GetRekt!^777 ezfrags7:49:39pmha ha ha noob
GetRekt!^777 ezfrags7:53:04pmfree case for u
Elsa csgo-gambler8:28:56pmyey i
can chat now :=
Rafibomb csgo-gambler9:42:09pm
Rafibomb csgo-gambler1:09:18ameww rafiki is here
Aimbot.png csgo-gambler4:36:02am@Rafibomb csgo-gambler - kys
GetRekt!^777 ezfrags11:56:53am
Border Police csgo-gambler4:20:20pmRekt
Border Police csgo-gambler4:20:51pmWTF I CAN US CHAT
Border Police csgo-gambler4:21:40pm

GamerAbraham csgo-gambler5:53:26pmxD
GamerAbraham csgo-gambler5:54:31pmThat Fail Snipe
✪HjD✪ csgo-gambler6:14:19pmayyyy get rekt
FReSH_ApPeLsAp8:24:13pmPlz f me
Alexey csgo-gambler9:20:55pmclose one
Alexey csgo-gambler9:24:35pm:^)
♚ Reaper ♚9:54:15pmcomin in hot
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